23 Years far too long!


THOMPSON-popupNot everyone is comfortable with the idea of change. Matter of fact, some people don’t like change. The same old boring routine can become redundant. So why not switch it up. 23 years was too long, I repeat too long for Charles Hynes as Brooklyn’s District Attorney. It’s been a long time but a change must come and it did come to Brooklynites. Voted in to be Brooklyn’s DA is Kenneth Thompson. Does the name ring a bell? While many might not be familiar with the DA, his outstanding background and experiences qualifies him for the position.
Thompson was formerly a Brooklyn federal prosecutor. He has a history of protecting and standing up for the rights of victims. A popular case that made him known was the sentencing of a police officer that brutally beat and tortured Abner Louima in a restroom at the 70th police precinct. His court ethics and powerful deliveries of his cases made Thompson a force to be reckoned with.
Brooklyn is in for a treat with what their new DA has to offer. Thompson believes that all should be treated equally. He believes in fundamental fairness and that there should be a system of justice for everyone. Fairness should be distributed fairly.
So why was he chosen?
*He has his own prestigious law firm that has a strong reputation for victims.
*He does not tolerate inequality
*He is all for the safety and the protection of the people
*Thompson is the man for change
Brooklyn residents sought change and they got it. For over 23 years Hynes did his best but failed in some areas. He was passive about a sexual abuse case in a Jewish community. Hynes was easy on pedophiles. However, his nonchalant behavior decreased his ratings and increased the desire for change.
With his outstanding qualifications, Kenneth Thompson made several promises to his supporters. As district attorney, Thompson promised to fight and to protect children and families. He plans to create safer and stronger neighborhoods where people can feel free and safe in their communities.
The D.A. promised to care for each case that he comes in contact with because it is all about the people who voted him into office. His initial goal is to find reasonable solutions to crime in Brooklyn. He wants to fight crime head on. Quite interesting are Thompson’s plans for Brooklyn, but can it be done? Will he also stay for 23 years like the previous DA? Nevertheless, Thompson look out for road bumps ahead!


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