Quinn is out! What’s next?!



Christine Quinn is out of the race to become New York’s first female and openly gay Mayor. In hopes of winning the position, Quinn came in third place and lost to her opponent Bill de Blasio.

On March 10, 2013, the former mayoral candidate declared that she will run to become New York City’s next mayor. Quinn joined the race in hopes of serving New Yorkers and make history as the first female mayor of the Big Apple. Her initial goals were to help New Yorkers progress. She promised affordable housing, better schools and good paying jobs. In an interview, Quinn stated, “I’m the only progressive in this race who’s delivered.”

Her vision was blurred by inadequate votes and support from New Yorkers. Many are asking, what caused this confident, aggressive former candidate to lose the primary? And of course, New Yorkers dished it out. Possibilities are she was too close to the incumbent Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Perhaps, her sexual preference as an open lesbian.

Even though she ran a tight race and was defeated, The New York Times called her an “impressive leader, that will build on our progress and leave no one behind.” After the primary last Tuesday, Quinn returned to her original job as the City’s council speaker which expires December 2013. In her concession speech, Quinn said she doesn’t know what is next on her agenda. But she promised to stay focused as speaker for the remaining time she has in office. “They’ll be another chapter, but I haven’t started to write it yet,” Quinn said.

Not only is Quinn focused on her role as the speaker but she endorsed her former competitor de Blasio for mayor as the race continues. “I’m so glad to be here today with so many of my fellow democrats to endorse Bill de Blasio to be the next mayor of New York,” Quinn said. However, Quinn has not lost her hope for New York to have their first female mayor creating history.


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