Curious about Petraeus



Disorderly conduct, rioting, and resisting arrest were the charges filed against six students protesting against CUNY’s new professor David Petraeus. Unfortunately, they were displeased with CUNY’S decision to take Petraeus aboard as an adjunct professor.
Petraeus is the former Bush administration military general and director of the CIA. At the time of the detainment and arrest, general Petraeus was giving a speech at Macaulay honors college. Many identified the general as a war criminal, holding him responsible for thousands of deaths in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sources said, “Petraeus is responsible for countless deaths and innumerable destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan as a war commander and chief of the CIA.”
However, it was reported that Patraeus was recently hired by CUNY as an adjunct professor. Due to his credentials, his salary will be twice the amount as a regular professor. According to the NYU Local, “Students are against his $200,000 pay as an adjunct professor while the average professor makes $89,768 per year.”
The difference in pay and being a war criminal were not the only faults held against Professor Petraeus, but he had an affair with a Journalist; A secret affair with the author of his biography that wounded his credibility.

However, the six CUNY students along with the other protestors are furious with general Petraeus and his actions. But the war general was simply doing his job in serving his country, he is no war criminal. Why brutalize his credibility and his efforts to protect his country. Even though the protestors have the liberty to exercise their rights, they approached the situation immaturely.

Threatening an individual about their past is not going to resolve any issue. The fact that students planed to threaten and constantly harass Petraeus until he quits his job as the new professor is completely ludicrous.  Calling the general “a piece of shit” or “why are you teaching at CUNY” is totally disrespectful regardless of his pass. How about giving the decorated “war criminal” a chance.


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