Goodbye for now Marty


martyUnfortunately, the humorous and charismatic Brooklyn borough president, Marty Markowitz is retiring after 12 years of service to Brooklyn. His remarkable work and outstanding achievements will forever leave a mark on the borough.

Markowitz was born and raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. During his time as borough president, he strived to make Brooklyn a welcoming and safe place. Markowitz was sure to make his presence known all over Brooklyn.He was the special speaker at graduations across the borough, guest at birthday parties, community events and even restaurant openings. Markowitz was more than a political figure he cared about Brooklyn. He religiously gave his time and efforts to develop the borough.
His ultimate goal was to make the growing borough progressive. Markowitz played a key role in the Barclays Center located in downtown Brooklyn. It is a multi-purpose indoor sports arena. With this new complex, thousands of jobs were created for Brooklynites thanks to Markowitz.
With Brooklyn becoming a main tourist attraction, his last wish is for a Apple store for the borough. He recently sent an e-mail to the CEO of Apple imploring for a location in the Brooklyn. “When you make it in Brooklyn, where else matters” Markowitz wrote in his e-mail. However, his request is on hold because Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs died.
Upon his departure from office, his successor, Eric Adams is next in line to take on his mantle. Markowitz’s encouraging speeches, passionate efforts and excellent leadership is truly iconic. His colorful personality, white sleek hair, words of wisdom, incredible leadership, and contagious laugh will be missed by Brooklyn.    


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