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Attracting an estimated 45,000 booklovers downtown Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Book Festival was a success. It was the 8th annual book festival and is the 3rd largest book festival. It was an event hosted by the Brooklyn borough president, Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn tourism and the Brooklyn literary council. It is was a sponsored by AT&T along with many major partners such as Target, Con Edison and Citi.

“What makes this festival so unique is the great opportunity for authors and publishers to reach out to the reading public” said Stefan Ringler, the communications director for Brooklyn’s borough president. Booklovers

were able to communicate with authors of their favorite book and others who shared their passion, of love for reading.

At the annual festival, there were dozens of publishing companies, authors, and illustrators interacting with thousands of book worms. The book festival serves as an attraction not only for book lovers but for tourists and non-booklovers.

A familiar author that participated in the festival was Lois Lowry, author of The Giver. Lowry was awarded with the Brooklyn Book festival, BoBI award for outstanding contributions to the literature that reflect the spirit of Brooklyn. Other authors who has received this prestigious award are Edwidge Danticat, Walter Mosley and Pete Hamill.
Marty Markowitz suggest that “booklovers found their eight world wonder at the eight annual Brooklyn book festival, right here in Book-Lyn, USA!”  Not only was the borough president proud of the festival held in his borough, but the chair of the Brooklyn literary council thought “the eight annual Brooklyn Book festival was the best yet, thanks to the generosity of the hundreds of authors around the world who came to participate and share their talents and knowledge.”

At the festival, readers and writers and poets were represented by the founder of Poets network and exchange, Lorraine Currelly. Poets and readers are welcomed to the program. “It is a supportive network for poets and writers” said Currelly. “We feature poets, have open mic and creative writing workshops.”brooklyn-book-festival-wormsunite-nyc-untapped-cities-001



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