Bikers go insane


The September 29th bike attack on the upper West Side, Manhattan is still under investigation. Alex Lien and his family were assaulted by a horde of vicious motorcyclists.

 The incident evoked in what appeared to be traffic. Surrounded by the noise makers, Lien’s intention was to get out of traffic. Unfortunately, his SUV accidentally bumped into one of the motorcyclist that stopped abruptly. This enraged the bikers.

            Trying to escape the raging bikers, Lien hit several of the surrounding bikers leaving one in serious condition and is hospitalized. Recorded by one of the motorcyclist, the bikers chased Lien to retaliate. Catching up with Lien, the video captured by one of the cyclist showed the bikers using their helmet to bash in the windows of the automobile. A knife was also used to puncture the tires.

            When that was not enough, more bikers joined in the attack. Lien was then pulled from his SUV and beaten in a bloody rage in front of his wife and two year old daughter. But it didn’t end there. The fascinating fact behind this is that a New York Police Officer was involved in this brawl. The captured image caught the undercover cop identified as Wojciech Braszcok, joining in on the bizarre act. Braszcok along with several other cyclists are being charged for assault.


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