And DeBlasio wins


The pragmatic progressive, Mayor Bill De Blasio won the mayoral election on Tuesday night after campaigning throughout New York City with republican running mate, Joseph Lhota.The polls showed that De Blasio brought in majority of the votes at 71 percent. “The turn out is great and I’m happy to see that New Yorkers care about the progress and the future of their city,” Norman Anthony, 73, a former politician from Jamaica West Indies.

After the votes were counted, Mayor De Blasio was introduced to innumerable supporters chanting and cheering him on to deliver his victory speech. “I think he have a good head for politics,” Chirlane McCray said of her husband. “When I first met Bill, I knew he was smart, Bill is strong enough to fight he can take on the challenge we face.”Praising her husband for his tireless work and dedication to New Yorkers, McCray excitedly welcomed her husband to the podium greeted by his multicultural children; his son with his iconic afro and daughter with her prominent head piece.

In an 18-minute victory speech, “Today you spoke out loudly and carefully, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for what you have done,” De Blasio said. New York City is a state that is on the road to progression. It is certainly the embodiment of greatness because any dream is attainable because of the array of opportunities available.  Despite the challenges New York faces, De Blasio implores New Yorkers to stand United.  He reminds them that problems will not be solved overnight but it is a process he is willing to be apart of. “The road ahead will be difficult and it will be traveled. Progressive change will happen and we will overcome the obstacles,” he said. “I will never forget I work for you, we can all reach our highest height when we fight together.”

On his mayoral agenda, De Blasio highlighted his plans on reform policies that he will implement when he becomes the incumbent. Increasing the tax on the wealthy, improvement in public safety, stop hospitals from turning into luxury condos and put an end to the growing inequality amongst New Yorkers.


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