Social Politics


The media plays a powerful role in our lives daily. It informs the world of the status quo. Without the media, the general public would be oblivious of what is taking place around them. Therefore, it is true that the media has always been a powerful independent factor in the conduct of American politics. Media is a platform for politicians because that is one of their tools to reach Americans. It allows politicians to publicize their concerns and reasoning to grasp their audience’s attention. Without media, politics wouldn’t be as popular as it is currently. I believe that media and politics support and elevate each other. Politics have influenced media tremendously because there are now news carriers or papers that are committed to political opinions 24/7; stations like CNN or MSNBC are networks that are affiliated and highly opinionated on political affairs. politics

Television and newspapers aren’t the only outlets that contribute to politics, but the rise in social media has played a tremendous role. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler and Twitter are tuning into political events and publicity of politicians. These media outlets are making it possible for modern day campaigns and political parties to get their messages out unfiltered. It spreads the ideal goals of politicians to target a group of people they want involved in their political campaign. The 2012 presidential campaign was a major turning point in U.S. history and the history of journalism. Each time you signed on to a social media site, the presidential campaign was advertised. It has captured the attention of young people making politics the number one topic. Both political parties are using websites such as Facebook and Twitter to allow their target audience to tune in and share their thoughts on the campaign.

Therefore, this action has captured the attention of young adults. Each time a user would log in to their profile, the political campaign was advertised. Newspapers, radios and Televisions were the only outlet for former presidents like Nixon and Eisenhower to reach people. But with the change in media, incumbent president of the US, Barack Obama, and other political campaigners were able to access the public via social media.

It is said that “today, over 1 billion Facebook users alone- up to 115 million users during the 2008 election- and countless others using other social media sites, the impact of social media could make or break a campaign”

Therefore, with media growth, it has played a significant factor in American politics. It has broadened its horizon reaching young people, changing the effectiveness of politics.Technology has transformed the history of media. It has given the public various options on viewing and receiving information. I believe the most significant technological transformation was the steam power that changed the way papers were printed. Before this advancement, papers were printed physically. With the physical labor of printing newspapers daily, it limited the amount of papers produced.

However, with the technological transformation, “Steam power changed printing by greatly speeding up the process, making possible the mass-circulation daily papers that emerged in big cities in the nineteenth century,” according to Christopher B. Daly, Covering America.  With this advancement, more papers were printed daily. It is most significant because it propelled the business into new ways of sharing news to the public. Workers no longer had to work long hours to print a single newspaper and the process of printing was increased.


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