Free Paper for the people!


It is free, independent and successful and that is The Indypendent newspaper, a free paper for free people. Founded in the fall of 2000, The Indypendent was a branch of the worldwide Indy media network. Produced by an estimated 500 volunteer Journalists in areas such as editing, reporting, writing and fundraising, the newspaper publication has distributed over 15,000- 20,000 copies per issue throughout New York City and as well as Internationally.

Their online publication with over 100,000 readerships is available and is constantly updated. The vibrancy of the page sparks curiosity amongst readership. Ranging from Local to national news, culture, current issues, multimedia and blogs. The New York based free newspaper publishes a record 13 times per year every Monday according to the publication’s website.

The Indypendent, is the winner of more than 50 New York community media Alliance awards. It is heavily funded by subscriptions, reader donations; merchandise sales, grants, house parties, benefits and advertising.

You might ask yourself, where can I obtain a copy of The Indypendent, it is foreign to me or I want to help spread the word about this publication. Well, you can volunteer your time contributing financially. Supporters can distribute the newspapers at venues and busy subway stations. Or you can simply own a copy at venues in the Greater New York area or at political and cultural events.


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