Bikers go insane


The September 29th bike attack on the upper West Side, Manhattan is still under investigation. Alex Lien and his family were assaulted by a horde of vicious motorcyclists.

 The incident evoked in what appeared to be traffic. Surrounded by the noise makers, Lien’s intention was to get out of traffic. Unfortunately, his SUV accidentally bumped into one of the motorcyclist that stopped abruptly. This enraged the bikers.

            Trying to escape the raging bikers, Lien hit several of the surrounding bikers leaving one in serious condition and is hospitalized. Recorded by one of the motorcyclist, the bikers chased Lien to retaliate. Catching up with Lien, the video captured by one of the cyclist showed the bikers using their helmet to bash in the windows of the automobile. A knife was also used to puncture the tires.

            When that was not enough, more bikers joined in the attack. Lien was then pulled from his SUV and beaten in a bloody rage in front of his wife and two year old daughter. But it didn’t end there. The fascinating fact behind this is that a New York Police Officer was involved in this brawl. The captured image caught the undercover cop identified as Wojciech Braszcok, joining in on the bizarre act. Braszcok along with several other cyclists are being charged for assault.


Read on book lovers…..


Attracting an estimated 45,000 booklovers downtown Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Book Festival was a success. It was the 8th annual book festival and is the 3rd largest book festival. It was an event hosted by the Brooklyn borough president, Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn tourism and the Brooklyn literary council. It is was a sponsored by AT&T along with many major partners such as Target, Con Edison and Citi.

“What makes this festival so unique is the great opportunity for authors and publishers to reach out to the reading public” said Stefan Ringler, the communications director for Brooklyn’s borough president. Booklovers

were able to communicate with authors of their favorite book and others who shared their passion, of love for reading.

At the annual festival, there were dozens of publishing companies, authors, and illustrators interacting with thousands of book worms. The book festival serves as an attraction not only for book lovers but for tourists and non-booklovers.

A familiar author that participated in the festival was Lois Lowry, author of The Giver. Lowry was awarded with the Brooklyn Book festival, BoBI award for outstanding contributions to the literature that reflect the spirit of Brooklyn. Other authors who has received this prestigious award are Edwidge Danticat, Walter Mosley and Pete Hamill.
Marty Markowitz suggest that “booklovers found their eight world wonder at the eight annual Brooklyn book festival, right here in Book-Lyn, USA!”  Not only was the borough president proud of the festival held in his borough, but the chair of the Brooklyn literary council thought “the eight annual Brooklyn Book festival was the best yet, thanks to the generosity of the hundreds of authors around the world who came to participate and share their talents and knowledge.”

At the festival, readers and writers and poets were represented by the founder of Poets network and exchange, Lorraine Currelly. Poets and readers are welcomed to the program. “It is a supportive network for poets and writers” said Currelly. “We feature poets, have open mic and creative writing workshops.”brooklyn-book-festival-wormsunite-nyc-untapped-cities-001


Open call for all billionaires. New York is hiring!


Not only is he known to have a bad reputation with New Yorkers, but now soon to be retired Mayor Bloomberg, is calling all billionaires to relocate to the concrete jungle.

On September 20th, the incumbent mayor made controversial remarks on his radio program that were not welcomed, especially from politicians. Bloomberg is amongst the wealthiest in the city and is ranked number 13 on Forbes’s rich list with a net worth of 31 billion dollars.
Bloomberg believe that New York should be a magnet for billionaires because he assumes they can contribute to the state’s weak economy. However, there is a huge inequality gap between the middle class and the wealthy.120203_michael_bloomberg_ap_605

On his radio show, he praised billionaires because he believe they bolster New York’s economy. He said “they are the ones that pay a lot of taxes, they are the ones that spend a lot of money in the stores and restaurants and create a big chunk of our community.” He suggest that the working class aren’t the ones who contribute to New York’s economy, but it is the billionaires swimming in large sums of cash. It was an insult for those who disagreed with his remarks.

The issue that presents itself is the inequality gap between the working class and the wealthy. Regardless of the abundance in job creation, the economic crisis is stagnant. The working class is pulling their own weight, but why should they be compared to those who are ten times better-off? Unfortunately, his controversial remarks were not accepted.

“If we could get every billionaire around the world to move here, that would be God send” said Bloomberg. His ultimate goal is to attract the wealthy to the city to help the poor and boost the economy. Speaking of billionaire, Mikhail Prokhorov, is a prominent figure and owner of the Brooklyn Nets. After collecting tax revenues, is it going towards New York City to help the huge economic gap or is being pocketed by the well -fortunate? You guessed correctly, the money goes right back to the Nets.

With all the profit Prokhorov make from his team, the city does not see a dime. So is the call for billionaires to New York a smart move. Senator Charles Schumer welcomes the idea of billionaires to the city but he believes that it is not sufficient, but “ we need to make sure the tax they pay go to helping poor class and middle class people advance.” So have you decided New Yorkers, yes to billionaires or no way?

Curious about Petraeus



Disorderly conduct, rioting, and resisting arrest were the charges filed against six students protesting against CUNY’s new professor David Petraeus. Unfortunately, they were displeased with CUNY’S decision to take Petraeus aboard as an adjunct professor.
Petraeus is the former Bush administration military general and director of the CIA. At the time of the detainment and arrest, general Petraeus was giving a speech at Macaulay honors college. Many identified the general as a war criminal, holding him responsible for thousands of deaths in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sources said, “Petraeus is responsible for countless deaths and innumerable destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan as a war commander and chief of the CIA.”
However, it was reported that Patraeus was recently hired by CUNY as an adjunct professor. Due to his credentials, his salary will be twice the amount as a regular professor. According to the NYU Local, “Students are against his $200,000 pay as an adjunct professor while the average professor makes $89,768 per year.”
The difference in pay and being a war criminal were not the only faults held against Professor Petraeus, but he had an affair with a Journalist; A secret affair with the author of his biography that wounded his credibility.

However, the six CUNY students along with the other protestors are furious with general Petraeus and his actions. But the war general was simply doing his job in serving his country, he is no war criminal. Why brutalize his credibility and his efforts to protect his country. Even though the protestors have the liberty to exercise their rights, they approached the situation immaturely.

Threatening an individual about their past is not going to resolve any issue. The fact that students planed to threaten and constantly harass Petraeus until he quits his job as the new professor is completely ludicrous.  Calling the general “a piece of shit” or “why are you teaching at CUNY” is totally disrespectful regardless of his pass. How about giving the decorated “war criminal” a chance.

Goodbye for now Marty


martyUnfortunately, the humorous and charismatic Brooklyn borough president, Marty Markowitz is retiring after 12 years of service to Brooklyn. His remarkable work and outstanding achievements will forever leave a mark on the borough.

Markowitz was born and raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. During his time as borough president, he strived to make Brooklyn a welcoming and safe place. Markowitz was sure to make his presence known all over Brooklyn.He was the special speaker at graduations across the borough, guest at birthday parties, community events and even restaurant openings. Markowitz was more than a political figure he cared about Brooklyn. He religiously gave his time and efforts to develop the borough.
His ultimate goal was to make the growing borough progressive. Markowitz played a key role in the Barclays Center located in downtown Brooklyn. It is a multi-purpose indoor sports arena. With this new complex, thousands of jobs were created for Brooklynites thanks to Markowitz.
With Brooklyn becoming a main tourist attraction, his last wish is for a Apple store for the borough. He recently sent an e-mail to the CEO of Apple imploring for a location in the Brooklyn. “When you make it in Brooklyn, where else matters” Markowitz wrote in his e-mail. However, his request is on hold because Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs died.
Upon his departure from office, his successor, Eric Adams is next in line to take on his mantle. Markowitz’s encouraging speeches, passionate efforts and excellent leadership is truly iconic. His colorful personality, white sleek hair, words of wisdom, incredible leadership, and contagious laugh will be missed by Brooklyn.    

Quinn is out! What’s next?!



Christine Quinn is out of the race to become New York’s first female and openly gay Mayor. In hopes of winning the position, Quinn came in third place and lost to her opponent Bill de Blasio.

On March 10, 2013, the former mayoral candidate declared that she will run to become New York City’s next mayor. Quinn joined the race in hopes of serving New Yorkers and make history as the first female mayor of the Big Apple. Her initial goals were to help New Yorkers progress. She promised affordable housing, better schools and good paying jobs. In an interview, Quinn stated, “I’m the only progressive in this race who’s delivered.”

Her vision was blurred by inadequate votes and support from New Yorkers. Many are asking, what caused this confident, aggressive former candidate to lose the primary? And of course, New Yorkers dished it out. Possibilities are she was too close to the incumbent Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Perhaps, her sexual preference as an open lesbian.

Even though she ran a tight race and was defeated, The New York Times called her an “impressive leader, that will build on our progress and leave no one behind.” After the primary last Tuesday, Quinn returned to her original job as the City’s council speaker which expires December 2013. In her concession speech, Quinn said she doesn’t know what is next on her agenda. But she promised to stay focused as speaker for the remaining time she has in office. “They’ll be another chapter, but I haven’t started to write it yet,” Quinn said.

Not only is Quinn focused on her role as the speaker but she endorsed her former competitor de Blasio for mayor as the race continues. “I’m so glad to be here today with so many of my fellow democrats to endorse Bill de Blasio to be the next mayor of New York,” Quinn said. However, Quinn has not lost her hope for New York to have their first female mayor creating history.

23 Years far too long!


THOMPSON-popupNot everyone is comfortable with the idea of change. Matter of fact, some people don’t like change. The same old boring routine can become redundant. So why not switch it up. 23 years was too long, I repeat too long for Charles Hynes as Brooklyn’s District Attorney. It’s been a long time but a change must come and it did come to Brooklynites. Voted in to be Brooklyn’s DA is Kenneth Thompson. Does the name ring a bell? While many might not be familiar with the DA, his outstanding background and experiences qualifies him for the position.
Thompson was formerly a Brooklyn federal prosecutor. He has a history of protecting and standing up for the rights of victims. A popular case that made him known was the sentencing of a police officer that brutally beat and tortured Abner Louima in a restroom at the 70th police precinct. His court ethics and powerful deliveries of his cases made Thompson a force to be reckoned with.
Brooklyn is in for a treat with what their new DA has to offer. Thompson believes that all should be treated equally. He believes in fundamental fairness and that there should be a system of justice for everyone. Fairness should be distributed fairly.
So why was he chosen?
*He has his own prestigious law firm that has a strong reputation for victims.
*He does not tolerate inequality
*He is all for the safety and the protection of the people
*Thompson is the man for change
Brooklyn residents sought change and they got it. For over 23 years Hynes did his best but failed in some areas. He was passive about a sexual abuse case in a Jewish community. Hynes was easy on pedophiles. However, his nonchalant behavior decreased his ratings and increased the desire for change.
With his outstanding qualifications, Kenneth Thompson made several promises to his supporters. As district attorney, Thompson promised to fight and to protect children and families. He plans to create safer and stronger neighborhoods where people can feel free and safe in their communities.
The D.A. promised to care for each case that he comes in contact with because it is all about the people who voted him into office. His initial goal is to find reasonable solutions to crime in Brooklyn. He wants to fight crime head on. Quite interesting are Thompson’s plans for Brooklyn, but can it be done? Will he also stay for 23 years like the previous DA? Nevertheless, Thompson look out for road bumps ahead!