The changing media landscape and Mulitmedia reporting


journalismRemember the days when you read your daily news on a black and white paper, where the words jumped from the pages into your mind provoking thought? Well, thanks to the advancement of the technological era we live in, the world of news is rapidly changing.

Magazines and newspapers were the number one outlet for the media to get the news across to the public. There has been a rise in hand held gadgets and World Wide Web pages that keeps the world abreast of contemporary affairs. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all social websites that contemporary youth frequently visit. They serve as an outlet that keeps the world updated on the news.

Social websites are not the only outlet for breaking news, but there are several other options they use. News can be delivered via television, images, videos or audios. These changes have made Journalism competitive. The advancement of technology being a reliable source of information has given the media a plethora of options in presenting the daily news. Now readers are able to click and read the New York Times or Daily News on the net or on an app.

Today, anyone can be a Journalist, known as Citizen Journalism. If there is a shooting on the corner of campus road, New York Times won’t be the first media outlet to share the breaking news, but a regular chemistry student shares the new on his blog. Blogs are now the latest trend. Almost everyone have a blog, even if they are not a professional Journalist.

The rise in the advancement of technology has made Journalism a cutthroat industry. A professional now has to compete with non-Journalist in sharing the news. Keeping up with the latest in order to keep their audience informed and the news current is now a requirement for all Journalists.

The emergence of upcoming Journalist will be able to maneuver their way through the competitive industry because the advancement in technology occurred throughout their generation. Journalism has gone through several changes. At the inception of the industry, newspaper was created and operated only by men. Throughout Journalism history, there were issues of censorship, papers operated and owned only by men; women like Nelly Bly or The Sob Sisters all contributed to the phases of the industry. Now women are a part of the Journalism field delivering compelling news to their audience.

Nelly Bly, perhaps the first editors of newspapers had no clue what the news would be like in 20 years. We have heard news on the radio, viewed the news on television and now we are able to read it on the World Wide Web. The point is upcoming Journalist should continue to embrace the diversity in news publications. Keep up with the latest advancement and break into the habit of telling the news through the lens of multimedia. 20 years from today, news will blow our minds in the way in which it is presented to the mass.


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